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Gizem Filiz

Gizem is working on several questions about encoding and decision bias in recognition memory.  Her current projects focus on the roles of strategies and decision heuristics contributing to value directed encoding effects. This work demonstrates that item value may not have an automatic influence on performance. Additionally, she is examining the specificity of memory decisions biases that are induced via subtle forms of feedback.




Xinran Zhang

Ran is interested in the behavioral, cognitive, and neural bases of memory and aging. They received their BS in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience at UC San Diego, conducting their thesis on information loss in visual attention in Timothy Brady's Vision and Memory Lab. After graduating, Ran worked in Dr. Christine Smith's CNS Lab of Memory and Brain, studying the impact of white matter lesions on memory in patients with mild cognitive impairment. Currently, Ran investigates how people evaluate others' memories using their natural language and hopes to extend this work to aging populations.

Ran enjoys birding, playing D&D, and spending time with their cat, Bubba Gump.



Eylul Ardic

Eylul is interested in the relationship between metamemory and actual memory performance. She received her MS in Cognitive Psychology at Bilkent University. Her current project focuses on how providing predictive cues influences people’s memory of the materials. She also examines the effect of different metacognitive judgments on current or later recognition memory


Eylul enjoys doing yoga, dancing, juggling, and almost everything related to cats.


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Research Assistants:

Eugene Huang

Lab Alumni


Diana Selmeczy

Assistant Professor

U. Colorado: Colorado Springs


Jihyun Cha

Senior Data Analyst


Marina Gross

Strategic Engagement Lead

Washington University


Akira O'Connor

Senior Lecturer

U. Saint Andrews


Sanghoon Han

Associate Professor

Yonsei University

justin cox.PNG

Justin Cox

Director, Data Science

Kemper Corp.

justin kantner.PNG

Justin Kantner

Associate Professor

Cal State U.: Northridge

Antonio Jaeger

Associate Professor

Federal U. of Minas Gerais

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