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Several of our project scripts and data files are available at The Open Science Foundation. Simply click on the project below to access data and analysis scripts.  Should you have further questions please feel free to email.

Dobbins, I. G., & Kantner, J. (2019). The language of accurate recognition memory. Cognition, 192, 103988.

Scripts and data are available for translating natural language into 'bag of words' classifier predictions of recognition accuracy using quanteda and glmnet packages in R

Kantner, J., Solinger, L. A., Grybinas, D., & Dobbins, I. G. (2019). Confidence carryover during interleaved memory and perception judgments. Memory & cognition, 47(2), 195-211.

Here is a simple R script illustrating the idea of 'sticky evidence.' The basic simulation shows what happens when the strength value of the current item is pulled towards that of the immediately preceding item.

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